Lady Musgrave Island just a short  boat trip and a 5 hour drive from Brisbane is one of the Gems of Australia's  Great Barrier Reef. It is the southern most island of the Bunker Group, situated off the Capricornia coast. The island is a 14ha coral cay with a 1192ha surrounding  reef.   In  1938  half  the  Island  was  declared  a  national  park with the remainder following in 1967.

Lying just slightly  south of the Tropic of Capricorn climatic  conditions vary little with  21deg.C being  considered a cold winters day and 30deg.C a hot summers   day.   Water  temperature varies  from  20deg.C  in  winter to 26 deg C  in  summer.  A central pisonia forest   is   a   feature of  the  island's vegetation  which  in  turn play's host to   a    great    variety    of   bird  life. Permanent  and  frequent  visitors  to the   Island    include   bridled   terns, black-naped   tern,    black   noddies, oystercatchers     and    wedge-tailed shearwaters.

Wading   birds   such   as   the  ruddy turnstones,    whimbrels,   Mongolian plovers  and  bar-tailed   godwits can be seen  feeding  around  the islands shores.   Green   Turtles  nest  on  the Island     between     the    months  of November      and      February,     the hatchlings    emerge  8  to  12  weeks later.   The clear   water   around  the Island  provide   ideal  conditions  for snorkelling  and    scuba  diving  year round.    A   Compressor  bunker    for filling tanks is  located in  the island's camping area. 

Camping is permitted     on the Island, but certain  restrictions  apply such as no open fires e.t.c. A limit of 50 people camping at one time applies. You also have to obtain    a camping permit from the Department  of  Environment and Heritage. A camping fee of $3.50 pp per  night  applies  for all people over the age of 5. Bookings are taken up to 12 months in advance. For more imformation on Camping and how to get here use the links below.

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